Science Summit at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA78)

This year’s Science Summit around the 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA78) took place from September 12-29, 2023 in New York and online. The central theme was the role and contribution of science to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The summit has brought together thought leaders, scientists, technologists, innovators, politicians, policy makers, regulators, financiers, philanthropists, journalists, editors and community leaders. The program contained around 300 science sessions on how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The aim was to foster collaboration between health scientists and citizens in various fields such as ICT, food, agriculture and the environment. Director Kurt Zatloukal from the Medical University of Graz was unfortunately unable to attend the Science Summit in person, so he shares some thoughts on biobanking in a video (link below).
He discusses the role of biobanks in medical research and emphasizes its growing significance. He highlights the importance of updating biobank concepts to meet evolving challenges and the need for a one health dimension, connecting human and animal health in the context of a healthy environment. Zatloukal underlines that successful biobanks are driven by a strong scientific leadership and often align with national research programs. He also talks about the necessity of an innovation environment to translate research data into improved diagnostics and medicines, recommending the integration of biobank initiatives into national research and innovation activities.