Governance Structure & Organization of

The governance structure of the Austrian biobanking infrastructure resembles that of the European BBMRI-ERIC.

Management Committee

The Management Committee consists of the National Node Directors, the Local Biobank Coordinators of each consortium partner and of Work Package Leaders. Coordinator: Luka Brcic (Medical University of Graz) National Node Director: Georg Göbel (Medical University of Innsbruck) National Node Director Deputy: Luka Brcic (Medical University of Graz) Executive Manager and Coordinator Deputy: Cornelia Stumptner (Medical University of Graz)

Work Package Leaders

Work Package (WP) Titles

Work Package Leaders (WPLs)

IT Architecture and Data Integration of Austrian Biobanks
Georg Göbel (Medical University of Innsbruck)
Legal and Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities
Nikolaus Forgó (University of Vienna)
Quality Management
Helmuth Haslacher (Medical University of Vienna)
Environmental Sustainability and Biobanking
Monika Valjan (Medical University of Graz, Biobank Graz)
Veterinary Biobanks: Potentials & comparative medicine/’One Health’
Ingrid Walter (University of Veterinary Medicine)
Coordination of the National Network & Operation of the National Node
Cornelia Stumptner (Medical University of Graz)

Coordination Office

Operational / Project Manager: Cornelia Stumptner (Medical University of Graz)

Local Biobank Coordinates

Consortium Partner Biobank

Patrick Neff
Biobank Innsbruck – Medical University of Innsbruck
Monika Valjan
Biobank Graz – Medical University of Graz
Helmuth Haslacher
MedUni Wien Biobank – Medical University of Vienna
Ingrid Walter
VetBioBank – University of Veterinary Medicine
Franz Gruber
Biobank Linz – Johannes Kepler University Linz

Assembly of Consortium Partners (ACP)

The ACP consists of representatives of each consortium partner

ACP Representative

Consortium Partner

Vice Rector Caroline Schober-Trummler
Medical University of Graz
Vice Rector Christine Bandtlow
Medical University of Innsbruck
Vice Rector Michaela Fritz
Medical University of Vienna
Vice Rector Otto Doblhoff-Dier
University of Veterinary Medicine
Vice Rector Alberta Bonanni
Johannes Kepler University Linz
University of Vienna

External Scientific and Ethical Advisory Board (SEAB)

The SEAB consists of experts who supervise the work of and give advice to the Management Committee.

SEAB Member (as of 2023)

Field of Expertise

Nikolaus Zacherl
Legal issues, industry, intellectual property
Ruth Chadwick
Georges Dagher
Research, biobanking
Markus Pasterk
Industry, biobanking research infrastructure
Barbara Prainsack
Martin Widschwendter
Research, biobanking (in oncology)
Samuel Lukowski