Austrian Biobanks & Sample Collections puts emphasis on further networking between industry and science and on sample and data quality. The aim is to facilitate access to biobank samples/data/services and foster research collaborations using biobanked samples/data and knowhow. partners harbour internationally outstanding biobank collections („lighthouse collections”), offer many services and support researchers with their expertise.

Or contact us by email or phone - we will reach out to all our Austrian partner biobanks for you. biobank partners are: Biobank Graz (Med Uni Graz), MedUni Wien Biobank (Med Uni Vienna), Biobank Innsbruck (Med Uni Innsbruck) and the VetBioBank (Univ of Vet Med).

Instructions for biobanks from non BBMRI-ERIC members on how to register to the BBMRI Directory & Negotiator :

View video „Registering with the BBMRI ERIC Directory & Negotiator“

Access Procedure partner biobanks have a common access procedure in place which outlines all process steps and actions needed from sending a request to provision of samples/data/services.