Researchers define biomarkes of aging

Although the identification of biomarkers of aging is important for aging biology research and the evaluation of human longevity interventions, there is a lack of standards and consensus on the properties of valid and reliable aging biomarkers.

In their recent publication, SEAB member M. Widschwendter (Uni Innsbruck) and co-authors propose a framework for the terminology and characterization of such biomarkers that aims to facilitate their development for the use in clinical trials and practice.

The authors also discuss validations steps and highlight ongoing challenges as potential areas for future research.



Read publication: Moqri M, Herzog C, Poganik JR, et al. Biomarkers of aging for the identification and evaluation of longevity interventions. Cell. 2023;186(18):3758-3775. doi:10.1016/j.cell.2023.08.003