Relevance of reference materials and standardization

A topic at the 35th European Congress of Pathology where the Director gave a presentation

Reference materials in molecular diagostics


Making laboratory results comparable requires standardisation and reference materials. Both are fundamental to a laboratory’s quality assurance program – also in molecular pathology. The results of such In-Vitro diagnostics measurements need to be comparable between different laboratories, and over time.

Laboratories rely on high quality and certified reference materials. However, a challenge in providing reference material for molecular diagnostics is that it must also reflect the corresponding preanalytical conditions. Currently this is not always guaranteed. Director Kurt Zatloukal explains why and how this should be considered and improved.

At the ECP he talked about the central role of reference materials in the context of standardization. His presentation was well attended, which showed the great interest in the topic and the need for discussion.  The presentation can be downloaded via the link below.


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