Meet at Europe Biobank Week 2024

Join this year’s EBW congress from 14-17 May 2024 in Vienna, Austria with multiple contributions from and partners.

The annual Europe Biobank Week organized by BBMRI-ERIC and ESBB is one of the most important international events for biobankers. This year, the motto will be “Strengthening Biobanks and Biorepositories: Collaborative approaches for a sustainable future”. The congress takes place in the beautiful Hofburg in Vienna. will be strongly represented at the congress with oral presentations and posters. The abstract books are now available.

Contributions by

Oral presentations by partners

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  • Stumptner, Cornelia: Bringing biobanking and pathology closer to children and adults
  • Valjan, Monika: Informed Consent for Minors – Empowering the Future of Paediatric Research
  • Walter, Ingrid: Unlocking the Power of Veterinary Samples: A Promising Source for “One-Health” Research
  • Zogopoulos, Vasileios (Stumptner Cornelia co-author): Biobanking education: the project “SCIence outreach: The example of BIObanks in Europe” and its progression so far

Posters by partners

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  • Eder J et al: Developing Biobank Donor Portal Prototype Based on User Evaluation
  • Gruber F et al: Strategic approach in planning a new university – hospital based biobank
  • Muchar P et al: Adapting to pandemics and the climate crisis: The transition to virtual cross-audits at
  • Nauck et al: Sustainability and biobanking: scrapping of biorepositories or continuing use
  • Shekhovtsov V et al: Sample Index: A tool for searching in biobank data taking into account privacy restrictions
  • Stumptner C et al: #3 – Austrian Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure & partner for research using biological samples
  • Stumptner C et al: GenomeMET: Metrology for genomic profiling to support early cancer detection and precision medicine
  • Stumptner C et al: Pre-Analytical Quality Standard for Microbiome Samples
  • Stumptner C et al: The MICROBE project: MICRObiome Biobanking (RI) Enabler
  • Tauscher P et al: Getting a Biobank “Fit for Blackout” – A Required Investment of Resources?
  • Tzortzatou O, Stumptner C et al: Biobanking education: the project “SCIence outreach: The example of BIObanks in Europe” and its progression so far
  • Wieser M et al: The VetBiobank: Leading the way in incorporating veterinary samples into the BBMRI consortium