EvolveBBMRI Kick-off Meeting

The EvolveBBMRI EU project with participation of BBMRI.at and Med Uni Graz was successfully launched on 30th January 2024 in Vienna.

“EvolveBBMRI: Accelerating Datafication for Support of EU Health Priorities, Greening of Biobanks and Integrated Approach to One Health” is a EU project aiming to further develop BBMRI-ERIC to meet the interests of its users and involved scientific communities and to intensify industry cooperations. The project will run for three years and was funded with approx. five million euros. At the kick-off meeting on 30 January 2024 in Vienna, Austria, the work packages of EvolveBBMRI were presented in detail and attendants could discuss the four major topics of the project, which comprise the acceleration of datafication of biobanks, cooperation with the industry towards greener biobanking, long-term sustainability measures and a focus on training and scientific outreach. The aim is to address a broad range of target groups, including research institutions, BBMRI national nodes, industry, politicians, international networks and citizens.

BBMRI.at is represented in EvolveBBMRI by its consortium partner Med Uni Graz and holds particular experience in biobanking of biological samples, international standards and regulatory requirements for diagnostics and therapeutics, as well as medical data management including innovative cybersecurity and data analytics (AI) technologies that markedly reduce energy consumption. (MUG will make this technology available from the SME fragmentiX). Furthermore it has know-how in developing collaboration models with industry including contract research, collaboration and public –private – partnerships as well as open innovation (see work performed within BBMRI-preparatory phase, ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC, CORBEL, ERINHA-Advance).
BBMRI.at/Med Uni Graz leads the tasks low-energy computing (“green computing”) as innovative biobanking infrastructure component and contributes as partner to several other work packages on topics addressed, such as acceleration of datafication, greening biobanking, long-term sustainability measures for BBMRI including e.g. development of a 10Y vision & strategy towards One Health in biobanking.