CBmed collaborates with Boehringer Ingelheim on drug discovery – their alliance with Biobank Graz and BBMRI supports

A new partnership between Boehringer Ingelheim and the BBMRI Expert Center CBmed GmbH aims to find and validate biomarkers for the development of new precision drugs for oncology.

CBmed is a public-private-partnership biomarker research center located in Graz in close proximity to BBMRI and Med Uni Graz.
The core strength of CBmed lies in combining excellent research infrastructure with strong links to the biobanks, including Europe’s largest biobank – Biobank Graz, and the European Biobank Network BBMRI-ERIC. These connections enhance the center’s ability to identify new biomarkers, validate biomarker candidates, and conduct translational biomarker research for clinical application.

CBmed runs a multiomics technology platform for biomarker discovery in close alliance with Biobank Graz (containing over 20 million samples) and the European Biobanking Infrastructure BBMRI-ERIC (with access to 60 million samples).
For its new collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim, CBmed will appoint up to 30 researchers and expand into new labs in Graz to gather the expertise of scientists from different research fields and institutions, among them BBMRI.at partners Medical University of Graz and Medical University of Vienna. Together, the companies hope to successfully identify relevant biomarkers for the creation of novel precision drugs against cancer.