“Ethical and Legal Implications of Research Microbiome Samples” – BBMRI.at partner presentation at WHO/BBMRI ELSI meeting in France

Save the date for the upcoming ELSI Symposium on June 4th to 6th, where BBMRI.at partner University of Vienna will provide perspectives on the legal status of microbiome samples and issues of privacy and informed consent.

The Symposium is co-organised by BBMRI-ERIC, IARC/WHO and UNIMIB as an activity of the BBMRI Academy and will showcase 10 years of insight and outlook on ethical, legal, and societal implications (ELSI) pertinent to biobanks and biomedical research. This meeting celebrates the multifaceted diversity of ELSI expertise across countries, coming from both interdisciplinary service delivery and research. Esteemed speakers from across the globe will share their expertise. The sessions will cover a spectrum of topics, including artificial intelligence, genetics and genomics, gender, governance, and regulatory compliance of datafication, to name just a few examples.


An essential aspect of the discussions will also focus on the relevance of ‘Ethical and Legal Implications of Research Microbiome Samples’. BBMRI.at representatives from the University of Vienna will illuminate this topic in session 2, on June 4 and discuss open questions like the legal status of microbiome samples and issues of privacy and informed consent. The intersection of biobanking and microbiome research will be exemplified by the EU project MICROBE. This EU project aims to develop methods and technologies for biobanking of microbiome samples and to work out an operational framework for microbiome biobanking considering relevant data infrastructure, pre-analytical sample quality and quality control as well as the necessary legal and ethical framework.

Where: IARC/WHO, Lyon, France

When: June 4-6, 2024


Registration for this 2 ½ days in-person event follows a first-come-first-serve approach. Places are limited to 100 attendees.