A look back

Long Night of Research 2024 – Successful participation of BBMRI.at

The huge interest in research taking place at the Medical University of Graz and the associated Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Medicine (ZWT) was also reflected by an impressive increase in the numbers of visitors with approximately 1,000 visitors more than in 2022.

BBMRI.at and the Institute of Pathology were represented with several hands-on stations, which were extremely popular with visitors of all ages. Moreover, several hundred visitors took the opportunity and attended one of 12 guided tours through Biobank Graz, one of the largest clinical biobanks in Europe. 850 interested people came to the “Long Night” at the ZWT and 2,200 to entire MED CAMPUS. BBMRI.at had stations at both places.


This gave citizens an insight into the work of biobankers, pathologists and researchers. They discovered what a biobank is, pipetted and microscoped blood themselves and learned about the components of blood and their functions. They cut tissue and froze it in liquid nitrogen at -196 °C. They also had the opportunity to go on an expedition through the body and microscope various organs. In addition, they learned about the path a tissue takes from the patient through the pathology to the final histological section which visitors could stain themselves and the way of samples into the biobank with their huge, modern storage facilities, where millions of biological samples such as tissue and blood are stored.


There was great interest in these topics, and we received a lot of positive feedback and praise for this successful event.

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