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FrontPage - the Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure Austria - is the Austrian Node of BBMRI-ERIC, the European Biobanking Research Infrastructure, which is jointly operated by over 20 countries and one international organisation (WHO/IARC). consists of and links Austrian universities and biobanks with the goal to establish a national biobanking research infrastructure for supporting and accelerating biomedical research. partners harbor in total over 22 million human and animal samples (ranging from tissue and blood to stool, saliva and other body fluids, cells and derivates) including associated medical data. In addition to archived material, nearly 1 million of samples is newly collected per year. These human and animal biospecimens and the linked medical data is an important resource needed for basic and translational research as well as for in-vitro diagnostics and companion medicine R&D.


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Latest News

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study with partner Biobank Graz involvement (Dec 2021)

Pre-analytics CEN standard “human sample for microbiome DNA analysis” now published in German members led its development wishes a Merry Christmas ...

... and a Happy and Prosperous New Year