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Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure Austria


  • BBMRI.at is the Austrian national node of the European biobanking research infrastructure BBMRI-ERIC.

  • BBMRI.at consists of and links Austrian universities and biobanks with the goal to establish a national biobanking research infrastructure for accelerating biomedical research.


BBMRI.at aims to establish a state-of-the-art biobanking infrastructure in Austria and to increase close cooperation and harmonization between biobanks. These are prerequisites to facilitating access and fostering the use of biological samples and data for academic and industrial research. Biologic samples and data collected in biobanks are valuable resources for innovations in personalized medicine, and development of biomarkers, diagnostics and therapeutics.




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BBMRI.at is funded by the Austrian BMWFW (GZ 10.470/0016-II/3/2013).                        

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CBmed with support from BBMRI.at appointed 1st BBMRI-ERIC Expert Center

Ziel ist die Entdeckung von Biomarkern zur frühen Erkennung von Krankheiten, wie Krebs Ziel ist die Identifikation von Biomarkern

BBMRI.at member Biobank Graz received European award

BBMRI.at Mitglied Biobank Graz ist "Beste europäische akademische Biobank". BBMRI.at Biobank ist "Beste Europäische akademische Biobank".

Nebenjob für StudentInnen bei 4-tägiger Konferenz (Wien)!

€ 50,-/Tag EUR Aufwandsentschädigung sowie kostenlose Teilnahme

Europe Biobank Week: Record number of registrants and exhibitors

EBW, Sep 13-16, Vienna www.europebiobankweek.eu

Course on "How to build a biobank"

November 23-25, 2016 at the BBMRI.at partner Biobank Graz