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„Relevanz von Standards in der Diagnostik" 

BBMRI.at at the "LISAvienna Regulatory Konferenz für Medizinprodukte und In-vitro Diagnostik"


BBMRI.at partner Biobank Graz: 

Animated video explains to patients and citizens how a biobank works"


Wie könnten Medikamente gegen Corona helfen? 

Med Uni Graz Institute of Pathology, BSL-3 Lab, on Servus TV (PM Wissen)


Biobanking zum Angreifen und Anschauen - bei der "Langen Nacht der Forschung"

Mit vielen Einblicken ins Biobanking begeisterten die BBMRI.at Zentrale und die Biobank Graz) die vielen Besucher*innen.


BBMRI.at, biobanks and exposomes:

Two recorded presentations from the "Frontiers in Human Exposome Research" Symposium co-organized by HEAP and BBMRI.at.


"EFRE - Erfolgsgeschichten aus der Steiermark" 

ZWT, Med Uni Graz, EFRE


Nasenspray statt Corona-Maske: Ist das die Zukunft?

Uni & Med Uni Graz (BSL-3 Lab) (RTL TV)

Weg mit der Maske!? Forscher setzten auf Bananenprotein. Einblick in neue Forschung.


BBMRI.at, Biobanken, Probenqualität, IVDR und Standards 


Warum sind  Proben von hoher und definierter wesentlich für Diagnostik und Forschung  und wie können  Biobanken hier unterstützen?


„Personalised Medicine" at the biobank of Med Uni Graz 

European Patent Office


Lecture Series "Biobanking infrastructure"

Med Uni Graz, by Dr. Georges Dagher

Part I: Introduction to Biobanking 

Learn about the history and basis of biobanking in the lecture given by Prof. Georges Dagher (associate professor Med Uni Graz)

Part II: The Need for Research Infrastructures

Find out why Europe implemented research infrastructures and in particular in the field of biobanking, which led to the foundation of BBMRI-ERIC

Part III: Improving quality of biobanking

Georges Dagher emphasises to increase quality, improve research, reduce costs and maintain public trust


Supplying evidence in health emergencies

 Med Uni Graz, by Dr. Georges Dagher

Current issues raised by the pandemic are related to ethical questions and evidence-based decisions during health emergencies.


"Enhance the reliability of diagnostics with the support of standards"

Norms like ISO standards are common in many fields and industries. Medical diagnostics and research are lacking behind …

Personalized medicine talk by Dr. Uwe Oelmueller (SPIDIA4, QIAGEN) at a BBMRI.at course on pre-analytical standards.


"Discussing Standards with SPIDIA4P at the European Parliament" BBMRI-ERIC event at EU Parliament

Can new international and European standards increase patients' safety by reducing the negative?

Video report & interviews with BBMRI.at contribution from an BBMRI-ERIC event at theEU Parliament. Topic was the importance of pre-analytics and standards for precision medicine and the role of biobanks.



"European researchers tackle cancer with Biobanks"

EuroNews TV, part I


"European Biobanks fight back against Colon cancer"

EuroNews TV, part II



Quality of Biomarkers and Testing Cycle: Biomarkers Meet Biobanks 

Biobank Graz (in the context of Codex4SMEs)


Biobank Graz at your Grasp – Ask the Experts Session

Biobank Graz (in the context of Codex4SMEs)


Biological Samples in Biobanks – Types, Quality, Management and Gains for your Business/Research | Biobank Graz (in the context of Codex4SMEs)



„Forschung: 20 Millionen biologische Proben"

Med Uni Graz / Biobank Graz (ORF Steiermark Heute – Wissenswert)



"Biobank Graz" | ZWT Opening



Biobank Graz der Medizinischen Universität Graz

Med Uni Graz


"The World in 2050" – Project

Presentation at World Economic Forum's Davos 2022 by Internat. Biobanking and Education, Med Uni Graz