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Biobanking & laboratory services by biobanks & partners biobanks aim to support researchers who work or intend to work with biological material and associated data. They want to make the researchers' life easier and assist them with biobanking expertise in various steps along the biobanking workflow.


Biobanks provide access to samples and associated data and/or link researchers with principal investigators of sample/data cohorts for potential collaborations in industry or EU-funded projects. partner biobanks also offer several services and collaborate well with various partners to expand their service portfolio.


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News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Sep 2023

Job Offer: Biomedical Technician (Biomedizinische*r Analytiker*in)

Core facility Biobank, JKU Linz – apply by 11 October 2023

Researchers define biomarkers of aging

Publication by SEAB member partner Med Uni Graz: “CRC WSI Cohort - a comprehensive Colorectal Cancer Cohort”

at partner Med Uni Graz (Nov 2021)

Register Now: EBW Roadshow IT on “Data Integration in Biobanking”

organised by partner Med Uni Innsbruck - 27 & 28 Sep 2023

Austrian Cohort Community met in Vienna – Review

event organized - spring 2023

A look back: Open House at Med Campus Graz introduced biobanking at this event Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Jun-Aug 2023

Job Offer: Quality Manager with data management focus - Department of QM

Central Executive Management Office of BBMRI-ERIC, Graz - apply by 15 September 2023

Job Offer: Manager Technology Transfer – Office for Research Support and Innovation

Vetmeduni Vienna – apply by 17 May 2023

Detection of cancerous tissue during surgery mediated contact between company and researchers

Colorectal Cancer EU Project “DIOPTRA” started

with partner Med Uni Graz on board

SAVE THE DATE - Europe Biobank Week Congress 2024

It will take place in Vienna (Austria) 14 – 17 May 2024

EU Project “MICROBE” Kick-Off

with partner Med Uni Graz on board

Register now: Symposium “Q&A about ISO 20387 Accreditation”

23 June 2023 – by partner Medical University of Vienna Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Mar-May 2023

Privacy risks of whole-slide image sharing in digital pathology.

Publication by partner Med Uni Graz

Improving quality to monitor COVID-19

Presentation by representative Kurt Zatloukal at BY-COVID industry event (Feb 2023)

ErasmusKA+ Project SCIBIOEU Kick-off Meeting at

- member Med Uni Graz is partner in project on Science Outreach of Biobanking

APPLY NOW! - Research funding opportunity & Europ. Molecular Tumour Board Network participation

.via EU project canSERV

Tissue quality: impact of humidity in paraffin-embedded tissue

Publication by partner Med Uni Graz (May 2023) partners Med Uni Graz and Med Uni Innsbruck jointly participate in EU Project ONCOSCREEN

Colorectal cancer EU project ONCOSCREEN started

Cedars-Sinai Cancer biobank director from partner Med Uni Graz

May 2023

SAVE THE DATE “Austrian Cohort Research Days” 25+26 Apr 2023

– eine Aktivität der 'Austrian Cohort Initiative'

News from the INSTAND-NGS4P project which works on optimized NGS workflows

an EU project coordinated by parttner Med Uni Graz

Revised ISO 15189:2022 standard – German version now available

Read what is new

Samples, data, and their mobility in biobanking

Publication by partner Uni Vienna (Apr 2023)

Trends in artificial intelligence for biotechnology

Publication by partner Med Uni Graz (Mar 2023)

What happens in a high-security laboratory?

Ö1 radio interview with Director Kurt Zatloukal

Ready for microscopy – Let’s look inside the human body and Pathology (Medical University of Graz) spent day with junior researchers - May, 2017 ; Mit und Med Uni Graz Pathologie wurden Kinder zu kleinen ForscherInnen - Mai, 2017 Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Jan/Feb 2023

Review on Ethics for AI in Biomedical Research and Biobanking

Publication by partner Med Uni Graz (Dec 2022)

Kids become researchers and biobankers offers course at summer kids university (Mar 2022)

COURSE on implementing Genomic Research Projects 1-2 Feb 2023

... organized with support from (Jan 2023)

A Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Paracelsus 10,000 Cohort

a population based sample collection at partner in Salzburg

BBMRI.QM Training Session on tissue & blood standards

for pre-analytical processes - Oct 2020 - Jan 2021

Practices and effects of outcome quality indicators in healthcare

- presentation at biobank symposium by Biobank Innsbruck (Nov 2022)

Data and Metadata Quality Management – an essential topic for Biobanks

Publication & conference presentation by representative Johann Eder (Nov 2022)

Regulatory challenges for AI-based diagnostics

Article based on interview with Director Kurt Zatloukal (Nov 2022)

Biobanking courses - a review

.. held at partner Med Uni Graz (June 2022) Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Nov 2022

Biobanking – topic of a session at the United Nations General Assembly Science Summit UNGA77

with contribution – 27 Sep 2022


Newsletter November 2022

Collaboration of biobanks and researchers on Sars-CoV-2

- Findings on sample pre-analytics published in high ranked journal

Interview with Cornelia Stumptner (

about news in and other projects (Nov 2022)

Job offer - Project leader Biobank Innsbruck

- apply until 23 Nov 2022

BBMRI-ERIC Annual Report 2021

Download now (Oct 2022) Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Sep/Oct 2022 cross-audits successful in virtual format

- conversion from in person to remote audits in response to COVID-19 (Oct 2022) welcomed industry at the LISAvienna regulatory conference

..impressions & presentations from 13 Oct 2022

Bringing biobanking and pathology closer to children’s hands-on workshops for children (Oct 2022)

Metadata Quality for Biobanks

Publication of results from research by partner Alpen Adria University – Oct 2022

"LEAD Cohort"

from Ludwig Bolzmann Institute at MedUniWien Biobank (June 2020)

“Digital Pathology & AI” and “Pre-analytical Quality” – topics at the Europ. Congress of Pathology

- review & presentations from member contributions - Sep 2022

Sars-CoV-2 test specificity & sensitivity

Publication of results from research by partner Med Uni Wiien & Biobank – Aug 2022

REGISTER NOW: LISAvienna Regulatory Conference for Medical Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics

… with contribution from – 13 Oct 2022

EBW Roadshow - Pedriatic Biobanking & minor engagement

Workshop in Rome (IT) on 13-14 Oct 2022

Multiple BBMRI biobanking-related events in autumn

- meet and other nodes - Sep 2022

“Health Informatics meets Digital Health”

- Keynote by Director at the dHealth Conference

"COVID-19 Convalescent Cohort":

a cohort in Biobank Graz - Apr 2021

"Frontiers in Human Exposome Research" Symposium

… you missed the event? Watch the videos of & other speakers’ presentations (Jun 2022)

Job offer – Laborfachkraft / laboratory employee

at Med Uni Graz / Biobank Graz - apply until 1 Sep 2022

Sars-CoV-2 antibody levels differ in saliva and serum

Research results from Biobank Graz COVID-19 Convalescent Cohort – Aug 2022

Industry collaboration in the metabolomics field

- partners Biobank Graz and Med Uni Graz Oncology – Aug 2022 Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Jul/Aug 2022

CEN/TS Standard for Microbiome Diagnostics – how R&D benefit

Publication by partner Med Uni Graz, June 2022

Biobank Innsbruck now ISO 9001:2015 certified

- June 2022

Job offer - Project leader Biobank Innsbruck

- apply until 6 July 2022

APPLY NOW! – “MSc (CE) Biobanking” at Med Uni Graz

Next Master's course starts in winter term 2022 Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - May/Jun 2022

Watch now! Short film about "Long Night of Research" give insights into biobanking

Fulbright Med Uni Innsbruck Visiting Professor - Award

application deadline: 15 Sep 2022

Medicine meets AI

- Self-learning algorithms at partner Med Uni Graz

AI-Supported Medical Image Analysis & IVDR

… Publication by partner (May 2022) Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Mar/Apr 2022

Pre-analytics CEN standard “human sample for microbiome DNA analysis” now published in German members led its development

REGISTER NOW! Symposium “Frontiers in Human Exposome Research” - 1 June 2022

... organized by HEAP, and Med Uni Graz

Museum exhibition about history of medicine - Trautenfels Castle

With contribution of partners – Apr 2022

ERC Advanced Grants for team member

- Prof Ulrike Felt (Uni Vienna) (May 2022)

Personalized medicine and cancer

Explained to citizens (May 2022)

Save the date: Lange Nacht der Forschung

.. public event with, Biobank Graz & BBMRI-ERIC (20 May 2022)

SAVE-THE-DATE - Exposome Austria Launch Event 31 May 2022

.. with as strategic partner (Mar 2022)

Biobanking Courses - Register now!

... by partner Med Uni Graz (Int. Biobanking & Education), Apr and May, 2022

Biobank Graz video for patients

… by Med Uni Graz

BBMRI-ERIC releases new Self-Assessment Survey

for ISO standard 20184-3:2021 - Frozen Tissue - isolated DNA

Exposome Austria Research Infrastructure being established (EIRENE) is strategic partner of EIRENE RI (Mar 2022)

Are different SARS-CoV-2 serological assays comparable?

… Publication by partner with biobank involvement (Feb 2022)

"CoVVac Study”: COVID-19 Vaccination Cohort

a cohort at Biobank Graz - July 2021

Standards for fine needle aspirate pre-analytics

- experts contributed to their development (Mar 2022)