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What happens in a high-security laboratory?

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What happens in a high-security laboratory?

About working with dangerous pathogens


                                                                                                                               Director Kurt Zatloukal invited guest at radio Ö1 to provide insights in what happens in a high-security laboratory and what and why is research done there.


When COVID-19 turned to a pandemic there soon came up the question ‘Where does the SARS-CoV-2 virus come from?'. One of the speculations that where later also investigated by the WHO was that an incident in a high-security laboratory in Wuhan, China, might be responsible for the spread of the virus.


But what actually happens in a high security laboratory and what kind of research work is performed in such a facility? In an interview with radio Ö1, Director Kurt Zatloukal and head of the BSL-3 laboratory with the highest safety standards in Austria gives insights into the daily research with dangerous pathogens. In this radio interview with Kurt Zatloukal and an expert from the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety also the issues of safety and transparency in high-security laboratories and the "One Health" approach, which is becoming increasingly important, are addressed.


… more in the radio Ö1 report (series "Punkt Eins"-  8 March 2023)>


         Ö1 radio report "Punkt Eins" 8 March 2023