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ORF TV Report on parnter Biobank Graz


Research: 20 million biological samples

Contribution from the series "Worth knowing" - ORF Styria (March 2020)


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With more than 20 million human samples and associated clinical data, the biobank of the Medical University of Graz is one of the largest in Europe.


The biological samples that have been collected for about three decades are embedded in paraffin or stored in liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius.


"We are collecting for the future of biomedical research," said Dr. Christian G├╝lly, Head of the Biobank at the Med Uni Graz. Data protection and security play a particularly important role in this development. Biobank Graz anonymizes samples and data before handing them over to the researchers, so that no conclusions can be drawn about the individual donors.