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COURSE on implementing Genomic Research Projects 1-2 Feb 2023



Online Workshop: Implementing Genomic Research Projects

February 1 and 2, 2023


Jan 2023


The workflow of genomic research is complex and there is a lot to consider and to know about how to implement ethical, legal and quality issues.

This workshop organized by BBMRI-ERIC and EASI Genomics with support from Med Uni Graz and QIAGEN address key issues in genomic research with respect to implementing genomic research projects.



When: February 1 and 2, 2023

Where: Online





Workshop content


The workshop will address the key issues in genomic research involving human subjects, human biological samples and associated medical data: ethics, legal issues, privacy and data protection, data standardisation and the implementation of standardized sample workflows, as well as data deposition in public repositories.

Participants will learn how to obtain ethical, legal and regulatory advice for their projects on an institutional/(trans-)national level: regulations can vary widely between European countries. In addition, we will provide practical guidelines on how to manage genomic data from human samples. The goal is to present a logically organised timeline that avoids miscalculation of timings and overlooking important issues that may be particularly challenging, e.g., in transnational collaboration. Further, we will deal with procurement of samples and data in a workflow aligned with current CEN/ISO standards for pre-analytical procedures, quality management and deposition of data in public repositories.


Target group


Target group are biomedical researchers, genomics experts, medical professionals and biobank and repository managers who want to organise genomic research projects on human biological samples, both in academic and industrial settings.