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Relevance of quality standards for IVDs



Videos with expert presentations on "Quality Standards & IVD"


  • Why are standards relevant for the IVD manufacturing and application of IVDs in laboroatories?
  • What are pre-analytical sample quality standards?
  • How are standards generated?


These and more questions are answered in three videos from experts from life science industry, the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and academia. The videos are recorded presentations given at the LISAvienna Regulatory Konferenz für Medizinprodukte und In-vitro Diagnostik erstellt, die von LISAvienna, und organisiert wurde.


View videos (in German language):



Relevanz von Standards in der Diagnostik: Vortrag von Kurt Zatloukal,

Med Uni Graz (and Director)


Präanalytische ISO und CEN Standards: Vortrag von Dr. Uwe Oelmueller,

QIAGEN (and SPIDIA4P Coordinator)


Internationale Standards für die Präanalytik: Vortrag von Ulrike Schroeder,



View presentations of other talks >>