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Register now! "How to operate a biobank" Course

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Course "How to Operate a Biobank biobank sustainably successful (advanced)" partner Med Uni Graz organizes this advanced 5-day biobanking course, which consists of 5 modules. Each module can be booked individually.



This course is set up to:


  • Deliver theoretical, operating and practical comprehensive knowledge to enable the activities of current and emerging biobanks
  • Transfer best practice principles on this topic for biobank personnel, investigators, clinicians and interested persons
  • Encourage exchange of knowledge and skills on these topics via group works and discussions


Target group: All who have already set up a biobank and want to operate a biobank successfully





NEW DATE: Due to COVID-19 postponed to 19. - 23.04.2021

  • Date: Nov 30 – Dec 04, 2020
  • Costs: EUR 950 (5 days) or 260 (per module)


Module1: Quality Management, Control and Assurance

Module 2: Sample Workflow and Automation

Module 3: Design and Services of a Biobank

Module 4: Data Management and IT

Module 5: Business Plan for a Biobank/Cost Calculation