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"LEAD Cohort"

Sample Collection Profile at Partner

"LEAD Cohort (Austrian LEAD Study)" at partner MedUni Wien Biobank


The Biobank of the Medical University of Vienna harbours the sample cohort of the "Austrian LEAD-Study" collected at the Ludwig Bolzmann Institute ( It is a population based cohort and one of the largest long-term studies in Austria on the topic of lung health.


The LEAD study is a longitudinal, observational, epidemiological cohort study aiming to investigate respiratory health through life. The survey includes a representative sample of the Austrian general population between 6 and 80 years of age and focuses on three areas:

  1. Normal and pathologic lung growth and development (natural history of lung function).

  2. Genetic, environmental and socioeconomic risk factors for abnormal lung function

  3. Extrapulmonary manifestations of abnormal lung function and related comorbidities (cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, depression and anxiety).


Current status and examination programme of the Austria Lead Study at the Ludwig Bolzmann Institute >>

Contact: Dr. Marie Breyer



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