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Knowledge among pathogens


Report on Ö1 radio – Series "Dimensionen" | 1 Sep 2020 | 19:05


Knowledge among pathogens
A tour of the high security laboratory of the Med Uni Graz
Sep 2020


Ebola, rabies or the corona virus often cause death. In order to counteract pandemics, research teams around the world work in close contact with some highly infectious and deadly pathogens and viruses. This is the only way you can study Ebola, rabies or Corona in all their details.

At the Med Uni Graz, antiviral agents are evaluated, protective equipment is tested or new diagnostic methods are developed in one of Austria's most modern high-security laboratories. A special infrastructure and regular training ensure the best possible protection for the scientific team.


Listen to the report on Ö1 radio – Series "Dimensionen | 1 Sep 2020 | 19:05 (until approx. 5 Sep 2020)