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FFPE Tissue Blocks & Slides Biobank Collection Partner's Pathology & Biobank Sample Collection Profile

FFPE Tissue Blocks & Slides Collection

August 2021


At the Diagnostic & Research Institute for Pathology, Med Uni Graz, tissue samples taken during surgical interventions are examined for making a diagnosis. These tissue samples are prepared according to a standardized protocol, fixed in formalin and embedded in paraffin (FFPE). The resulting FFPE tissue blocks and histology sections from over 1 million patients are stored at room temperature in the archive cabinets of Biobank Graz. In addition to diagnoses and histophathological findings, survival data and sub-cohorts with digitized sections are also available for research in anonymized form.


Disease Area

Research Area

Different kinds of diseases, non-affected tissue  

(ICD-10 codes:

A04.7; A04.9; A15.2; B07; B08.1; B44.9; B80; C02.9; C06.9; C14.0; C15.9; C16.9; C18.0; C18.7; C18.9; C20; C21.0; C22.0; C22.1; C23; C24.0; C25.4; C25.9; C32.9; C34.9; C43.9; C44.9; C45.0; C50.0; C50.9; C53.9; C55; C56; C57.0; C61; C63; C64; C65; C67.9; C69.3; C73; C77.9; C78.0; C78.6; C78.7; C79.3; C79.5; C79.8; C81.1; C82.7; C82.9; C83.0; C83.3; C83.4; C83.7; C83.8; C84.4; C85.9; C90.0; C91.1; C92.0; C92.1; C96.2; D03.9; D04.9; D05.0; D05.1; D06.9; D07.5; D09.0; D10.1; D10.3; D12.5; D12.6; D12.8; D12.9; D13.4; D13.5; D16.9; D17.9; D18.0; D21.9; D22.9; D23.9; D24; D25.9; D26.9; D27; D30.0; D32.9; D34; D35.0; D35.1; D36.1; D37.1; D37.3; D37.7; D39.1; D40.0; D41.4; D43.2; D46.4; D46.9; D69.3; D73.4; D86.0; E04.0; E04.9; E05.0; E06.3; E06.5; E85.4; H60.4; I12.9; I26.9; I51.4; I51.7; I84.9; I88.1; I88.9; J03.9; J18.0; J18.9; J21.9; J32.9; J33.9; J35.0; J35.1; J35.2; J42; J43.2; J43.9; J47; J60; J67.9; J84.8; J84.9; K06.8; K09.0; K13.2; K20; K21.0; K22.7; K25.9; K26.9; K29.1; K29.4; K29.5; K29.7; K29.8; K31.4; K31.7; K35.9; K37; K38.1; K50.9; K51.9; K52.8; K52.9; K55.0; K55.9; K56.2; K56.4; K57.3; K62.0; K62.1; K62.8; K63.5; K65.0; K65.8; K71.3; K73.9; K74.0; K74.3; K74.6; K75.0; K76.0; K80.0; K80.1; K80.2; K81.0; K81.1; K81.9; K82.4; K85.9; K86.1; L03.9; L05.9; L57.0; L72.0; L72.1; L81.4; L82; L85.8; L91.0; L92.3; L98.0; M65.9; M67.4; M71.2; M71.9; M86.9; M87.9; N05.2; N05.3; N08.3; N10; N11.9; N12; N13.3; N13.5; N17.0; N17.9; N18.9; N26; N28.1; N30.0; N30.2; N30.9; N34.2; N40; N41.0; N41.1; N41.9; N42.2; N45.9; N48.0; N50.0; N60.1; N60.2; N60.3; N60.4; N61; N62; N64.1; N70.0; N70.1; N72; N80.0; N80.1; N80.9; N83.0; N83.1; N83.2; N84.0; N84.1; N85.0; N85.2; N86; N87.0; N87.1; N87.9; N88.4; O00.1; O06; O41.1; O73.0; Q43.0; Q43.1; Q83.3; R02; R09.1; S36.0; T81.0)

Sample Types

FFPE tissue samples (stored at RT):

FFPE blocks (stored at RT), histology sections (H&E and partially also specials stainings and Immunohistochemistry)

Digitalized slides (whole slide images)

Cohort Size

>1 Million patients (collection ongoing)


Diseased (with surgical interventions for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes)

Age distribution:  18-99

Sex distribution (f:m):  50:50

Additional information>>

Associated Data

Histopathological findings, survival data, and sub-cohorts with digitized sections, further clinical data, etc. are also available;

Informed Consent

Broad Biobank IC (view tempate>>)


as of now, collaboration preferred

Quality Standards

Quality management: ISO 9001:2015 (SOPs)


·  Principle investigator: Prof. Dr. Gerald Höfler, Prof. Dr. Kurt Zatloukal

·  Email:                  



   For example:


·  Wulczyn E, Steiner DF, Moran M, Plass M, Reihs R, Tan F, Flament-Auvigne I, Brown T, Regitnig P, Chen PC, Hegde N, Sadhwani A, MacDonald R, Ayalew B, Corrado GS, Peng LH, Tse D, Müller H, Xu Z, Liu Y, Stumpe MC, Zatloukal K, Mermel CH. Interpretable survival prediction for colorectal cancer using deep learning. NPJ Digit Med. 2021 Apr 19;4(1):71. doi: 10.1038/s41746-021-00427-2.


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·  Schweiger MR, Kerick M, Timmermann B, Albrecht MW, Borodina T, Parkhomchuk D, Zatloukal K, Lehrach H. Genome-wide massively parallel sequencing of formaldehyde fixed-paraffin embedded (FFPE) tumor tissues for copy-number- and mutation-analysis. PLoS One. 2009;4(5):e5548. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0005548.


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