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"KIWI" fertility study cohort - 3rd sample collection portrait Partner's Sample Collection Profile

"KIWI cohort": an outstanding sample collection at Biobank Graz, Med Uni Graz for fertility studies


"KIWI" stands for "Kinderwunsch Institut" (Fertility Institute) and represents a cohort consisting of prospectively collected body fluids and data from infertile couples during assisted reproductive technology.


The collection helps to elucidate the mechanisms of infertility and improve the success of fertility treatments in assisted reproductive technology (ART).


The "KIWI cohort" comprises samples of blood serum, follicular fluid, cumulus cells, embryo culture supernatant and seminal plasma and associated data. It includes male and female patients ranging from 18 to 45 years who are referred to the fertility clinic "Das Kinderwunsch Institut Schenk GmbH" in Dobl, Austria within the process of ART treatment.


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(C) Medical University of Graz

Disease Area

Research Area

Infertility (primary, secondary), fertility treatment, assisted reproductive technology

Sample Types

Blood serum, follicular fluid (collected per oocyte with special needle, i.e. Steiner-TAN-Needle), cumulus cells, embryo culture supernatant and seminal plasma.

Cohort Size

   > 500 couples

   Collection start in 2013 - collection ongoing


  • Patients with fertility treatment
  • Age: 18 to 45
  • Gender: female and male

Associated Data

  Demographic data, endocrine profiles and monitored stimulation;

Every sample can be linked to oocyte pick up, embryo development (e.g. embryo morphokinetics) and treatment outcome

Informed Consent

   Broad Biobank IC (view template >>)


   Cooperation  preferred

Quality Standards



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