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Research collaboration of Med Uni Graz and Google


Revolutionary findings with relevance for diagnostics: Algorithms are declaring war on cancer


27 July 2021



Detecting cancer earlier and more precisely: Research at partner Med Uni Graz paves the way for a completely new use of artificial intelligence in cancer diagnostics. IT croesus Google is on board as a partner.


44,000 histological slides from 5,600 patients were digitalized using the latest slide scanning technology and anonymized. Google provided computing capacity and analysis expertise. Using AI technology the researchers identified that when tumour cells are in close proximity to fat cells the prognosis is much poorer. "These findings help to better identify risk patients at an earlier stage and will have therapeutic implications," indicates Professor Kurt Zatloukal, director of the Biobanking Research Infrastructure.


Why did Google decide to collaborate with the researchers from Graz? Because Med Uni Graz with Biobank Graz can access one of the largest archives of tumour samples. This research is an impressive example of how samples stored in biobanks can contribute to novel findings that are valuable for personalized medicine and for the benefit of patients.


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Image: Kleine Zeitung Online (27 July 2021)