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"PERFORM cohort" Partner's Sample Collection Profile

"PERFORM cohort": an outstanding sample collection at Biobank Graz (Med Uni Graz)


"PERFORM" stands for Personalised Risk assessment in Febrile illness to Optimise Real-life Management across the European Union. It represents a pediatric cohort of samples from children and is collected in the context of the PERFORM EU Horizon 2020 project.


The collection aims to improve the diagnostics in febrile children and adolescents and to develop a comprehensive management plan for febrile patients in Europe. It helps to improve the diagnostics in febrile children and adolescents.


The "PERFORM cohort" comprises PAXgene stabilized and EDTA blood samples (whole blood, plasma, pellet), cerebrospinal fluid, throat swab, urine and stool. It includes children below the age of 18 (both genders) with i) fever >38ºC, or a history of fever (within 3 days), or ii) suspected of infection.


Profile of the PERFORM Cohort:

Disease Area

Research Area

Febrile illness

Sample Types

ETDA blood (plasma, pellet and whole blood), blood in PAXgene tubes, cerebrospinal fluid, throat swab, urine, and stool stored at -80°C

Cohort Size

 Samples from 500 patients


Children <18 years

  • with fever >38ºC, or a history of fever (within 3 days), in whom the attending clinician determines the need for blood sampling or whom parents give consent for bloods taken for research purposes.
  • suspected of infection (included: full spectrum of disease severity, and with co-morbidities)

Associated Data


Informed Consent

   Specific study IC 


   Cooperation only

Quality Standards


  • Quality management: ISO 9001:2015 (SOPs)



Publications & Public Relations:




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