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“BioPersMed cohort” - 1st portrait of a sample collection Partner's Sample Collection Profile

"BioPersMed cohort":

an outstanding interdisciplinary sample collection at Biobank Graz


"BioPersMed" stands for "Biomarkers for Personalised Medicine in Common Metabolic Disorders.


This prospectively collected cohort comprises a huge number of samples and data being collected and used since 2010 (still ongoing). Aim is to detect and define specific characteristics and personalized biomarkers of patients at risk for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and to follow them for future developments.


The "BioPersMed Cohort" includes the research areas endocrinology & metabolism and cardiology. Diabetes, fatty liver disease, osteoporosis or cardiovascular diseases are only some of the topics in the focus of this cohort.


The samples meet the requirements of the sample quality standards "CEN/TC 140 Molecular in vitro diagnostic examinations - Specifications for preexamination processes (CEN/TS) for metabolomics in urine, venous blood serum and plasma" (CEN/TS 16945:2016) that were published by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). More about sample types and quality in the BBMRI Directory >>




(C) Bernhard Bergmann

(provided by Medical University of Graz)





Profile of the BioPersMed Cohort:

Disease Area

Research Area

   Diabetes, fatty liver disease, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases.

   Biomarker, endocrinology,  metabolism, cardiology;

Sample Types

   Plasma (EDTA, Lithium Heparin, Sodium Citrate), serum, buffy coat

   urine, 24h urine of healthy and diseased patients

Cohort Size

  • 1,024 probands (in 4 follow-up visits): healthy and diseased
  • >220,000 aliquots (as per March 2018)
  • collection ongoing


  • Healthy and diseased,
  • Age: adults 35+ years;
  • Gender: 50/50 female/male

Associated Data

   Clinical records/diagnosis, smoking and lifestyle anamnesis,

   follow-up laboratory results, follow-up clinical data

   view detailed  phenotyping description (abstract) >>

Informed Consent

   Broad Biobank IC (view template >>) & specific study IC


   Cooperation only

Quality Standards



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