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Videos on and partner biobanks




Supplying evidence in health emergencies                                                                                       



Wissenschaftliche und medizinische Relevanz von Standards in der molekularen Analytik




Biobank Graz video for patients / Video für Patient*innen:



Forschung: 20 Millionen biologische Proben | ORF Steiermark Heute - Wissenswert




"European researchers tackle cancer with Biobanks" | Euronews, part I




"European Biobanks fight back against Colon cancer" | Euronews, part II




"Personalised Medicine"| European Patent Office




"Biobank Graz" | ZWT Opening




"Biobank Graz der Medizinischen Universität Graz" | Medizinischen Universität Graz






Videos about biobanking and related topics


Biobanking infrastructure Part I: Introduction to Biobanking 

Learn from Georges Dagher about the history and basis of biobanking in the lecture given by Prof. Georges Dagher (associate professor Med Uni Graz)


Biobanking infrastructure Part II: The Need for Research Infrastructures

Find out why Europe implemented research infrastructures and in particular in the field of biobanking, which led to the foundation of BBMRI-ERIC.


Biobanking infrastructure Part III: Improving quality of biobanking

Georges Dagher emphasises to increase quality, improve research, reduce costs and maintain public trust