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Successful Pre-analytical Sample Processing in Biobanking Course held by in Graz

Excellent Feedback of Participants about Pre-analytical Sample Processing in Biobanking Course | Feb. 4-6, 2015 | Graz, Austria


Sixteen participants from thirteen nations attended the first edition of the practical laboratory course "Pre-analytical Sample Processing in Biobanking". The course was organized by together with the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Biospecimen Research and Biobanking Technologies (both at the Medical University of Graz).


The course focussed on pre-analytical variables and their impact on sample quality, and on implementing and performing quality control methods.


Participants very much appreciated to gather practical experience by performing many steps of pre-analytical sample handling and of quality control assays themselves at the bench. Participants were very satisfied with the course (94% rated it excellent/very good). Virtually all participants would recommend the course to colleagues (100% recommendation rate). 


Read article "A case for sample pre-analytics" by Kurt Zatloukal (



Course organizers: Kurt Zatloukal, Cornelia Stumptner

Course instructors: Iris Kufferath, Daniela Pabst, Monika Moser, Martina Loibner, Lisa Oberauner-Wappis, Martina Dieber-Rotheneder, Cornelia Stumptner

BioBank Graz Presentation & Visit: by Berthold Huppertz

Guest speakers: Giorgio Stanta, Claudio Luchinat, Karl-Friedrich Becker



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