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COVID-19: Tests and medicine candidates developed in Vienna, Austria

COVID-19: Tests and medicine candidates in Austria in the Vienna region

Austria's life sciences sector is mobilizing against the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. These efforts are part of the activities around the globe. In the new Highlights edition we introduce some products and product candidates from the Vienna region – the development of most of them has been facilitated with public funding.

Coronavirus diagnostics

  • Attoquant Diagnostics

  • EUCODIS Bioscience 

  • Ingenetix 

  • Lexogen

  • Technoclone 

  • RT-LAMP test

  • Vienna COVID-19 Detection Initiative (VCDI)

Medicines in the pipeline

  • APEIRON Biologics

  • Apeptico


  • G.ST Antivirals

  • Marinomed

  • F4 Pharma

  • Panoptes

  • Polymun Scientific

  • Takeda

  • Themis Bioscience

  • Valneva

  • Viravaxx

Please find a more comprehensive overview online at the Life Science Platform LISAvienna