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Presentations from Regulatory Conference “MD & IVD”

… available for download - Oct 2020

DIGI-B-CUBE Ambassadors Network: Matchmaking Webinar

22 Oct 2020


organisiert von, LISAvienna und

11. Grazer Impftag

at partner Med Uni Graz - 7 Nov 2020

SAVE-THE-DATE – Long Night of Research - 9 Oct 2020

Biobank Graz, & BBMRI-ERIC participate

Bis 50% Rabatt auf ausgewählte Standards

Aktion bis 20. November 2020 - bei Austrian Standards

Up to 50% discount on relevant ISO Standards

… until 20 Nov 2020 at Austrian Standards … from 24 Sep to 23 Nov 2020 at Austrian Standards

Program for vIrtual conference on medical products and IVD, LISAvienna & event - 20 & 21 Oct 2020

NEW Dates for Biobanking Courses

- April 2021, Med Uni Graz

NEW Director General of BBMRI-ERIC: Jens Habermann

– started 1 Sep 2020

SARS-CoV-2 test comparison

with involvement of MedUni Wien Biobank – Aug 2020

Vacancy Note: Project Manager

... at partner Biobank Graz - apply by 17 Sep 2020

Knowledge among pathogens

Ö1 radio interview with Prof. Zatloukal – 1 Sep 2020

REGISTER NOW: Regulatory Conference for Medical Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics 2020

virtual conference by, and LISAvienna.- 20-21 Oct 2020 9:00-17:00 Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Aug 2020

Challenges of bringing NGS to patients

Kurt Zatloukal (Instand-NGS coordinator) talks to Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - June/July 2020

Another Austria biobank sample cohort meets CEN/TS requirements:

PoCOsteo cohort at Biobank Graz – July 2020

DIGI-B-CUBE e-tutorial for call submission

Deadline 29 July 2020

VIDEO: What is a Research Infrastructure?

… like BBMRI is one – July 2020

BBMRI.QM Training Session on tissue & blood standards

for pre-analytical processes - Oct 2020 - Jan 2021

COVID-19 Genesene gesucht

Med Uni Graz, Biobank Graz - ab Juni 2020

High security laboratory for highly infectious biosamples

… ORF TV report about partner Med Uni Graz – 24 June 2020

SAVE-THE-NEW DATES - IVDR & analytical performance testing requirements

... jointly organized by LISAvienna & | 20 Oct 2020 | Vienna

Safe examination of highly infectious samples

Med Uni Graz BSL-3 in KTM Journal (June 2020)

"LEAD Cohort"

from Ludwig Bolzmann Institute at MedUniWien Biobank (June 2020)

Webinar on SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics & CE-certification

presentations available (June 2020)

Register now! "How to build a biobank" Course

... by partner Med Uni Graz (Int. Biobanking & Education), Nov 26-27, 2020

Register now! "How to operate a biobank" Course

.. by Med Uni Graz (Int. Biobanking & Education) Nov 30 – Dec 04, 2020

SAVE-THE-DATE - IVD, CE labeling & performance testing in the light of Sars-CoV-2

WEBINAR by, LISAvienna, encotec - 5 June 2020

“Implementing Biomedical Research Projects”

Virtual workshop held May 11-14, 2020 Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Mar/Apr 2020

Biobanking explained to citizens

Biobank Graz in newspaper “Kleine Zeitung” - May 2020

Med Uni Wien Biobank involved in Sars-CoV-2 antibody testing

… report in ORF2 TV – 19 May 2020

Matchmaking webinars for companies

May 14 and June 4, 2020

Application of GDPR to Biomedical Research

… a BBMRI-ERIC Position Paper – 29 Apr 2020

LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER: Biomedical Research Workshop Week in ONLINE FORMAT - 11-14 May 2020 Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Mar/Apr 2020 in DIGI-B-CUBE network

... open call for funding - 22 Apr 2020 in P.M. Wissen TV report

COVID-19 drug development - Apr 9, 2020

COVID-19 research & funding - examples

LIfe Sicence News - April 10, 2020

Biobank Graz joins BC Platforms

... to advance personalized healthcare - Apr 07, 2020

Vacany Note: Systems Administrator

... at BBMRI-ERIC (Graz, Austria) - 6 Apr 2020

Biobanking in times of Covid-19

BBMRI-ERIC web discussion - 31 March 2020

COVID-19 research at

.. report on SERVUS TV 3 Apr 2020

COVID-19 research funding

... links to current fundings - March 2020

Guidelines & publications for SARS-Cov-2 containing biospecimens

a current summary - 1 April 2020

Austria's highest security BSL-3 lab at partner Med Uni Graz

… is ready for research - 28 March 2020

Looking for project partners & grants?

... in the field of medical diagnosis?


Newsletter - March 2020

ORF Report about Med Uni Graz Research & Biobank Graz samples

a cohort in Biobank Graz - Feb 2020

ORF TV Report on parnter Biobank Graz

in ORF TV – March 2020

New ÖPPM president from partner Med Uni Graz

Dr. Obermayer-Pietsch – March 2020 & COVID 19

What partners do .... March 2020

ISO 15189 accreditation in pathology

QM event at partner Med Uni Graz – 28 Feb 2020

Kick-off-Meeting of 11 million EUR EU project in Graz

at partner Medical University of Graz - 29-31 Jan 2020 Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Jan-Feb 2020

Why are Quality Standards important?

watch the video and explore .... Feb 2020

Dr. Uwe Oelmueller awarded for pre-analytics work

CEN-CENELEC, Brussels, Feb 17, 2020

Watch the e-lecture: Enhance the reliability of diagnostics with the support of standards

Video by Dr. Uwe Oelmueller (Feb 2020)

NEW date - IVDR & analytical performance testing requirements

- OCT 20, 2020 (Vienna)

Biobanks for life sciences and personalized medicine

... a scientific review by partner Med Uni Graz - Jan 2020

Workshop "NGS for Personalized Medicine"

... organized by partner Med Uni Graz, coordinator of the H2020 NGS project – 29 Jan 2020

A Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Successful meeting to strengthen synergies

… held 9-11 Dec 2019, at, Med Uni Graz, Austria

SAVE-THE-DATE – “Biomedical Research Workshop”

... at/by Partner, Medical University of Graz, Austria - May 11-15, 2020

Register now: "How to build a biobank" Course

... held by the partner Biobank Graz | Jan 23-24, 2020

Meeting of - Strengthening Synergies

9-11 Dec 2019, Graz at Europe Biobank Week 2019

… with lectures, presentations, posters, session chair and a booth – Oct 8-11, Lübeck

From Biobanks to Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

BBMRI speakers’ videos from TEDx Event on YouTube

"INTERFAST cohort"

a sample cohort by Biobank Graz

Paracelsus 10.000 Cohort

a population based sample collection at partner in Salzburg Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Aug-Sep 2019

REGISTER NOW! – 3. Annual Meeting of the ÖPPM (Austrian Platform for Personalized Medicine)

Oct 14-15, 2019 | at partner Med Uni Vienna, Austria

Special Edition in New Biotechnology

.. on sample quality - with contribution from


at partner Med Uni Graz – Sep 13, 2019 1:00-7:00 pm

European biobanks: archives for future medicine in an interview with APA – Aug, 2019 Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - June - July 2019

Quality management for biobanks

a series of publications

Download publication on sample pre-analytics standards & IVDR

With contribution of BBMRI

AI meets biobanking & digital pathology - symposium

Symposium by partner Med Uni Graz - June 4, 2019 as example of QM in biobanking

Letter to the editor of CCLM Journal - June 2019

SAVE-THE-DATE: Joint Annual Meeting of National Nodes, it, cz, cy

Dec 9-11, 2019 | Graz, Austria Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Apr-May 2019

New publication by

Book chapter in "Handbook of Biomarkers and Precision Medicine" (published May, 2019)

US Marshall delegation visits

high-ranking US representatives at Medical University of Graz – May 22, 2019

New publication by

Impact of fixatives on antigen retrieval and immunohistochemistry - May 2019

Biobanks in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Symposium at partner Med Uni Graz – June 6, 2019 #2 Kick Off

Austrian national Node started 2nd 5 years-period

"Data Quality for Biobanks" (webinar)

by expert JE (Jan, 2019)

"PERFORM cohort"

a sample cohort by Biobank Graz

How biobanks contribute to combat cancer - at EuroNews TV

... documentary on biobanking filmed in Graz – Jan, 2019

Biobanks at Networking Breakfast

... a get together of academia & industry (Graz, Jan. 2019)

QM course for biobankers

... by at Biobank Conference in Moskau wishes a Merry Christmas ...

... and a Happy and Prosperous New Year

"KIWI" fertility study cohort - 3rd sample collection portrait

a collection by Biobank Graz

Putting sample quality in the focus - raises awareness with presentations at many conferences awarded for public activities

PR Award for / C. Stumptner (Med Uni Graz) – Oct 2018

Digital transformation in health-care

Interview with practitioners and experts such as K. Zatloukal (, Med Uni Graz) – Oct 2018 Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Sep-Oct 2018