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Austrian Biobanks & Sample Collections


BBMRI.at partners and biobanks are experts in biobanking-related topics including sample, data and quality management, as well as ethical, societal and legal issues and patient/citizen engagement.


They harbour over 20 million biosamples with associated structured data. Aim is to support researchers with biobanking of own collections and/or to gain access to the biobanking research infrastructure, to available biobanked samples, data, and tobiobanking expertise and services in research collaborations. 


Biobanking & laboratory services offered:

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(contact person: Cornelia Stumptner, BBMRI.at)


We will reach out to all our Austrian partner biobanks for you.

BBMRI.at biobank partners are: Biobank Graz (Med Uni Graz), MedUni Wien Biobank (Med Uni Vienna), Biobank Innsbruck (Med Uni Innsbruck) and the VetBioBank (Univ of Vet Med).




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