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Biobanking and Pathology Workshop at Children’s University

Hands-on experience for young students

Diskussionsrunde zum Thema Biobanken bei – TeilnehmerInnen gesucht

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News and current affairs regarding biobanking - Jan/Feb 2018

Discussions with citizens and patients on biobanking

Participants can register under …; TeilnehmerInnen gesucht … (März 2018) Participants can register under …

Sample quality management: News from SPIDIA4P

About the project, its partners and its work ... (Jan 2018) member Georg Göbel in the news of Med Uni Innsbruck

Georg Göbel is head of Biobank Innsbruck

2nd QM cross audit – Auditee: MedUni Wien Biobank

QM standard ISO 9001 chapters audited at MedUni Wien Biobank QM standard ISO 9001 kapitel ; QM-Standard ISO 9001-Kapitel an der MedUni Wien Biobank auditiert wishes a Merry Christmas

... and shows some achievements at a glance

Training course on open source biobanking software

How to implement, use and maintain it

Biobanks in personalized medicine & BBMRI-ERIC at the opening event of the ÖPPM (Vienna, Oct 19-20, 2017) biobanks among the first with collections meeting CEN/TS requirements

Biobank Graz and MedUniWien Biobank declare sample quality in online catalog at the Global Biobank Week in Stockholm

… with keynote lectures, presentations, posters and chairs – Sep, 2017 ... mit Keynote-Vorträgen, Präsentationen, Postern und Chairs - Sep, 2017

Inaugural Event Personalized Medicine

SAVE THE DATE: Oct. 19-20, 2017 | Vienna SAVE THE DATE: 19.-20. Okt. 2017 | Wien

Graz as Biobanking Hotspot

a report on ORF – August 2017 Bericht im ORF – August 2017

Ready for microscopy – Junior Researchers Day

20 primary school children and the Austria Childrens Newspaper visited Volkschulkinder und die ‚Kinder Kleinezeitung‘ zu Gast bei;

How Research Infrastructures Boost Innovation

Med Uni Graz ( co-organized meeting on open innovation

Biobank-Workshops at Partners Medical University of Innsbruck

Implementation of sample quality standards CEN/TS - July 2017 Implementation of sample quality standards CEN/TS - July 2017 Articles: "QM Cross Audits" & "Data in Question" report in BBMRI-ERIC Newsletter, Issue 7/2017 Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - June/July 2017

Translational Medicine 2017 conference in Prague - Sep 24-26, 2017

Open for registration Biobanking eNEWS

News and current affairs regarding biobanking - May/June 2017

4. Diskussionsrunde zum Thema Biobanken bei – TeilnehmerInnen gesucht

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Register now: "How to build a biobank" Course

... held by the partner Biobank Graz | Nov 22-24, 2017

New publication by

Sports medicine: Blood results help to predict fitness improvements in older marathon runners - May 2017

Ready for microscopy – Let’s look inside the human body and Pathology (Medical University of Graz) spent day with junior researchers - May, 2017 ; Mit und Med Uni Graz Pathologie wurden Kinder zu kleinen ForscherInnen - Mai, 2017

Save the date: 1st Research Infrastructure Meeting - June 20, 2017

organized by partner Med Uni Graz in Brussels

1st QM cross audit at Biobank Graz

A sign of mutual trust within the consortium - March 2017 Ein Ausdruck des Vertrauens unter den Partnern - März 2017

New publication by

"Conception and Implementation of an Austrian Biobank Directory Integration Framework - Apr 2017"

New publication by

"Automatic classification system for pathological findings" drives standardisation of pre-analytics in SPIDIA4P

As member of SPIDIA4P it develops new CEN/TS and ISO Standards Im Rahmen von SPIDIA4P entwickelt neue CEN/TS and ISO Standards

NEW! - MSc in Biobanking

The Master's course "MSc in Biobanking" starts for the second time

International Biobanking Experts at Course in Graz

Successful course on how to improve the quality of biobank samples held 8-10 Feb, 2017. Erfolgreicher Kurs zum Thema "Höchste Probenqualität"; 8.-10. Feb., 2017.

New Consortium Partner welcomes the University of Vienna as new consortium partner begrüßt den neuen Konsortialpartner Universität Wien wishes a Merry Christmas ...

... and a Happy and Prosperous New Year

Strong premiere of cinema film about biobanks in Graz

Around 100 visitors came to the KIZ Royal cinema ... Rund 100 Besucher kamen ins Grazer KIZ Royal Kino ...

Patient engagement in biobanking

Why this is important – an interview with K. Zatloukal (, Med Uni Graz) Warum das für die Forschung wichtig ist. K. Zatloukal (, Med Uni Graz) im Interview mit Medical Tribune

Movie film “Golden Genes” – Biobanking goes Cinema

Jetzt Karten reservieren für den Kinostart am 4. Nov. 2016 in Graz! Jetzt Karten reservieren für die Kinopremiere am 4. Nov. 2016 in Graz!

REGISTER NOW for the course “Pre-Analytical Sample Processing in Biobanking”

A 3 day laboratory course | Feb 8-10, 2017 | Medical University of Graz, Austria

Nächste Diskussionsrunde von BürgerInnen und ExpertInnen zum Thema Biobanken

Wie sehen BürgerInnen die Verwendung von Patientendaten in der Forschung? (Anmeldefrist: 27.9.2016)

Kurt Zatloukal and Anna Durnova from in Radio Ö1:

About biobanks, patients and the Europe Biobank Week (Sep 15, 2016) "Über Biobanken, Patienten und die Konferenz Europe Biobank Week in Wien"

CBmed with support from appointed 1st BBMRI-ERIC Expert Center

Aim is to discover biomarkers for the early detection of diseases such as cancer Ziel ist die Identifikation von Biomarkern member Biobank Graz received European award Mitglied Biobank Graz ist "Beste europäische akademische Biobank". Biobank ist "Beste Europäische akademische Biobank".

Nebenjob für StudentInnen bei 4-tägiger Konferenz (Wien)!

€ 50,-/Tag EUR Aufwandsentschädigung sowie kostenlose Teilnahme

Europe Biobank Week: Record number of registrants and exhibitors

EBW, Sep 13-16, Vienna

Course on "How to build a biobank"

ONLY 3 PLACES LEFT! November 23-25, 2016 at the partner Biobank Graz

High-ranking biobank researchers met in Graz at BBMRI

Researchers from the EU project B3Africa link African and European biobanks Forscher des EU Projektes B3Africa vernetzen Europäische und Afrikanische Biobanken

2nd Pre-Analytics Course successfully held

... in Nice, France (May 19-20, 2016) for participants from China, France, Malta, and Sweden

Active discussion at the 3rd Citizen-Expert Panel in Graz

Citizens & experts discussed about biobanks (Medical University of Graz) BürgerInnen & ExpertInnen diskutierten zum Thema "Biobanken" an der Med Uni Graz, Biobank Graz und BBMRI-ERIC bei der Langen Nacht der Forschung im ZWT

.. eine spannende Nacht für Groß und Klein, Biobank Graz und BBMRI-ERIC bei der Langen Nacht der Forschung im ZWT

Wie kann mein Blut dazu beitragen, dass neue Medikakmente entwickelt werden?

Terminaviso: Diskussionsrunde zum Thema Biobanken bei

Interessierte können sich jetzt für den 12. Mai 2016 (16-19 Uhr) anmelden!

ECDP 2016

13th European Congress on Digital Pathology - Berlin, May 25-28, 2016

NEW! "MSc in Biobanking" by the partner Med Uni Graz starts soon

The 1st distance learning postgraduate "Master in Biobanking" in English to start in Autumn 2016 at the 1st CBmed Biomarker Conference Graz

From biomarker research to personalized medicine | Feb 11, 2016 | Med Uni Graz

Job Offer - Medical information scientist as database developer

at the Medical IUniversity of Innsbruck - Application deadline: Feb 10, 2016

SAVE THE DATE - Europe Biobank Week - Sep 13-16, 2016 is local host of this important European biobanking conference

Graz - Biobanken Hotspot

Graz ist Europa-Hauptstadt im Biobanking: die Leitung der europäischen Biobankeninfrastruktur BBMRI-ERIC, der nationale Knotenpunkt und eine der größten Biobanken Europas sind in Graz angesiedelt.

Biobanken Hotspot

Graz ist Europa-Hauptstadt im Biobanking: die Leitung der europäischen Biobankeninfrastruktur BBMRI-ERIC, der nationale Knotenpunkt und eine der größten Biobanken Europas sind in Graz angesiedelt.

Graz koordiniert Europas BiobankenGraz koordiniert Europas Biobanken

Graz koordiniert Europas Biobanken - Nicht nur eine der größten Biobanken Europas, auch die Leitung der neuen europäischen und der österreichischen Forschungsinfrastruktur für Biobanken erfolgt von Graz aus.

ESBB & BBMRI-ERIC form strategic alliance

ESBB & BBMRI-ERIC join forces to organize one of the biggest European biobanking conferences. The first joint conference is planned to be in Vienna in September 2016.

B3Africa - Foundation of a global research infrastructure for biobanking is partner of the B3Africa Programme. The Kick-off Meeting took place in South Africa - August 24, 2015

Ihre Meinung ist uns wichtig! Diskussionsrunde für BürgerInnen in Graz, Wien und Innsbruck lädt BürgerInnen und ExpertInnen zur Diskussion über die Verwendung von Biobanken-Proben und -Daten - Okt., 2015

Molecular tools for next generation pathology by Prof. Dr. Ola Söderberg

Molecular tools for next generation pathology by Prof. Dr. Ola Söderberg | Oct 12, 2015 | Dpt. of Pathology, Med Uni Graz, Austria

How to build a Biobank - Learning by Doing - Sep 16-18, 2015

Attend the course "How to build a Biobank - Learning by Doing" | Sep 16-18, 2015 | by the BioBank Graz (Med Uni Graz)

Juncker Package

A new concept by BBMRI on how to manage medical and patient related research data - introduced in the BMWFW Brochure "Investing in Europe's Future"

MUI Biobanken als Voraussetzung für Forschungsprojekte

Das unglaubliche Potential von Biobanken für die Identifizierung von Biomarkern, personalisierter Medizin und die Aufklärung der Pathogenese von Erkrankungen waren Thema eines Vortrages an der Med Uni Innsbruck

HandsOn Biobanks 2016 - SAVE THE DATE - Sep 27-29, 2016 organizes HandsOn Biobanks 2016 - SAVE THE DATE – Sept 27-29, 2016 – Vienna, AUSTRIA VERANSTALTUNG: Biomaterialien - wertvolle Forschungswerkzeuge sinnvoll und sicher nutzen

Welche Chancen bietet Biobanking? Wie können Biobanken mit Qualitätssicherung und Datenschutz umgehen? - ExpertInnen diskutieren

HandsOn Biobanks 2015 – Milan 29-31.7. 2015

organized by BBMRI | July 29-31, 2015 in Milan | Late registration possible! Learn and discuss with experts about clinical biobanking, quality management or ethics.

Tag der offenen Tür 2015 beim Partner Vet Med Uni Wien

Tierisch viel los! Die Biobank "VetBiobank" bietet Einblick hinter die Kulissen. Samstag, 30. Mai 2015 - Vet Med Uni Wien, Veterinärplatz 1, 1210 Wien

INFOVERANSTALTUNG: Verwendung medizinischer Proben & Daten

Med Uni Graz | 7.7.2015 14-17 Uhr - Welche Voraussetzungen gibt es für die Verwendung medizinischer Proben & Daten? Gibt es Gesetze, die das regeln? Dürfen Rest-Proben verwendet werden? Stellen Sie ihre Fragen an Experten!

How to build a Biobank - Learning by Doing

Ineractive 3 days course by the Biobank Graz - Save the date!

Joint & BBMRI-ERIC national node meeting: Topic "quality management" and BBMRI-ERIC national node representatives discussed in their joint meeting about the very important aspect "quality management" in biobanking.

Lecture Series “Frontiers in Biosciences” - Prof. Jacques Demotes, ECRIN Director

In joint collaboration, BBMRI-ERIC and the Academia Europaea are sponsoring a new lecture series, bringing top scientists in the field of Research Infrastructures in the Biomedical and Health field to the headquarter of BBMRI-ERIC in Graz

First joint meeting of and BBMRI-ERIC other national nodes initiated and organized the first joint meeting at the alpine University Centre in Obergurgl (Tyrol, Austria) one of Europe’s highest ski villages.

Successful Pre-analytical Sample Processing in Biobanking Course held by in Graz

16 participants from 13 nations attended the first edition of the course and gave excellent ratings.

BBMRI: Biospecimens beyond borders

“Biological material and data on diseases lay the foundation for the advancement of medicine,” says Professor Kurt Zatloukal of the Medical University Graz, Director of

BioBank Graz nominated as "Biobank of the Year 2014"

BioBank Graz won 'The Research Biobank of the Year Competition' for outstanding biobank services for research. The competition is organized by the ESBB.

Lecture Series "Frontiers in Biosciences"

2nd lecture of "Frontiers in Biosciences" given by Prof. Jean Louis Romette (FR) - Nov. 12, 2014

Start of the new Lecture Series "Frontiers in Biosciences"

BBMRI‐ERIC in collaboration with are sponsoring a new lecture series under the auspices of Academia Europaea, bringing international top scientists to Graz.

Celebrate BBMRI-NL’s fifth anniversary at Connecting Biobanks 2014

On Friday 28 November, BBMRI-NL will celebrate its 5th anniversary in the Stadsgehoorzaal in Leiden. Join the celebrations and view the programme.

Biospecimens beyond borders

July, 2014 - Biobanks and biomolecular resource centres collect, store and distribute this material, the related data and powerful analytical tools, but none of them can single-handedly meet the growing, diverse needs of Europe’s research community.

Diskussionsveranstaltung in Wien, Graz, Innsbruck - TeilnehmerInnen gesucht!

Sep./Okt., 2014 - lädt BürgerInnen und ExpertInnen zur Diskussion über die Speicherung von medizinischen Proben und Daten zu Forschungszwecken ein. TeilnehmerInnen erhalten einen Unkostenbeitrag von 30 €.

Pre-analytical Sample Processing in Biobanking - Practical Laboratory Course

The course will be held on Feb. 4 - 6, 2015 at the Medical University of Graz.

Biobanking auf europäischer Ebene

May 8, 2014 - German Article from H. HASLACHER ( in Spectrum Onkologie / Personalisierte Medizin about Biobanks

Personalised Medicine at the Biobank in Graz, Austria

April 25, 2014 - Video about one of Europe's largest biobanks which is partner of BBMRI.AT. Find out how we can benefit from personalised medicine.

Tissue Biomarker Workshop

March 28 - 29, 2014, Graz, Tissue-based Biomarkers for Advancement of Personalized Cancer Treatment