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Putting sample quality in the focus - raises awareness to raise awareness of importance of sample quality and standards among different target groups



One aim of is to support biobanks to improve the quality of biological samples. Another is to raise awareness of the importance of quality standards and (sample) quality management among users of biological samples and those involved in sample collection. In autumn 2018, took and is taking several steps towards this goal.


Working together with biobanks to improve sample quality management is one thing, but it is also important to raise awareness of (sample) quality management among clinicians, pathologists and researchers from academia and industry.


Therefore, is/was actively informing these target groups on various conferences and meetings by presentations, posters, booths, expert corners, courses and workshops:



  • Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences & Biotechnology | Annual Meeting | Sep 17-20, 2018

  • Austrian Society of Pathology | Autumn Meeting (Graz, AT) | Sep 27-28, 2018

  • Austrian Personalized Medicine Platform | Annual Meeting (Graz, AT) | Oct 11-12, 2018

  • Medical University of Graz | "Master of Science Biobanking" | new course started Oct 1, 2018

  • aws LISA - Life Science Austria | LISAvienna Business Treff (Vienna, AT) | Nov 6, 2018 … read more

  • Medical University of Graz / Biobank Graz | Course "How to build a biobank"| Nov 28-30, 2018 … read more



  • Zatloukal, Stumptner, Kungl, Müller; Biobanks in personalized medicine, Expert Review of Prec Med & Drug Dev, Vol. 3, 2018, Issue 4 read more>>

  • Stumptner, Sargsyan, Kungl, Zatloukal; Crucial role of high quality biosamples in biomarker development, Book chapter in 'Handbook for Biomarkers & Precision medicine' (accepted)



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