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QM course for biobankers

Quality Management Course by in Russia


Researchers and biobanking experts met in Moscow, Russia at the Biobanking 2018 conference. The Quality Manager Helmuth Haslacher was invited to emphasize the importance of sample/data quality and pre-analytical error management.


Haslacher introduced the recently published standard ISO 20387:2018 on general aspects of biobanking and presented the possibility to standardize pre-analytical procedures by using the technical specifications on the pre-examination phase issued by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).


"Adherence to those standards might lead to greater quality of both banked samples and data, thereby preventing non-reproducible results, which are a major concern in biomedical research," pointed out Haslacher.


The presentation was received with great interest and hopefully helped to raise awareness that medical progress essentially depends on the quality of samples and data used in biomedical research.


Mag. Dr. Helmuth Haslacher