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Movie film “Golden Genes” – Biobanking goes Cinema

Movie film "Golden Genes" – The partner Med Uni Graz goes cinema


The partners, Institute of Pathology and Biobank Graz (both Medical University of Graz), contributed to the cinema film "Golden Genes". Following its cinema premiere October 6th in Vienna, the movie is now coming to Graz.


Premiere - VIENNA: Oct 6, 2016

Premiere - GRAZ: Nov 4, 2016; 18:00-19:30

(followed by a moderated discussion with experts until approx. 20:30)

Topic of the discussion: "Humans and medicine in the age of genetic data collection"

Participants in the discussion:


  • Kurt Zatloukal, pathologist, Med Uni Graz and protagonist in the film

  • Anna Durnová, political scientist , Insitut für Höhere Studien, Wien

  • Ursula Hansbauer, co-director of the film Golden Genes


Place: KIZ ROYAL Kino, Conrad v. Hötzendorf Str. 10, Graz

Ticket reservation: 0316-821186


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Details to the movie "Golden Genes"

AT 2016, 90 min, Wolfgang Konrad, Ursula Hansbauer, Clemens Stachel


Stored in biobanks, frozen and bodiless, genes and the information they contain are turning into time travelers – be it a sheaf of barley, the stem cells of a polar bear or drops of human blood. Within this time capsule we also place old dreams: the re-creation of extinct animal species, putting an end to world hunger, human life without illness or disease. We embark on an expedition that will assemble some of the greatest and oldest archives of life and the most modern biobanks. We meet people who are reconstructing the order of nature. And we experience a struggle over life itself that not only affects scientists, but all of us.