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First joint meeting of and BBMRI-ERIC other national nodes

1st joint meeting of and other BBMRI-ERIC national nodes


The first joint meeting of and other BBMRI-ERIC national nodes took place from March 11-14, 2015 in the beautiful ski village Obergurgl (Austria). Due to the very positive reception further joint meetings are already planned for 2016 (France) and 2017 (Obergurgl, Austria). initiated and organized the first joint meeting at the alpine University Centre in Obergurgl (Ötz-Valley, Tyrol, Austria) one of Europe's highest ski villages. The joint meeting gathered members more than 10  BBMRI-ERIC national nodes and cooperation partners (e.g. from life science industry), and from the BBMRI-ERIC headquarters.


Main goal of the joint meeting was to bringing together members and key representatives of and other BBMRI-ERIC national nodes to allow a direct exchange of experience and to explore fields for developing synergies and sharing efforts in implementing the national nodes.


The meeting focussed on the following topics:


  • National Biobank & Sample Catalogues: How to retrieve information from biobanks and how to present this information in the national and BBMRI-ERIC catalogues.
  • Access to Biobank Samples & Data: Presenting and discussing access procedures including harmonisation of access criteria and material transfer agreements.
  • Quality Management in Biobanks: Establishing common criteria for assessing quality of samples and data, application of quality standards, and auditing.
  • Financial sustainability of Biobanks: Presenting and discussing financial sustainability of biobanks including the question how to improve cost efficacy, models for cost recovery, and long-term business models.