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Biobanking and Pathology Workshop at Children’s University

Biobanking and Pathology workshop at the Children's University Graz



Who knows what a biobank is and does? And what about a pathology institute? These questions were addressed in a workshop held by and the Institute of Pathology at the Children's University Graz.


Children from primary and high schools had the change to attend a hands-on workshop and experience some of the work that is done in biobanks and pathology laboratories.


They could snap freezing (sausage) tissue in liquid nitrogen, stain FFPE (mouse) tissue sections and view stained sections from different organs in the microscope. That way they refreshed their knowledge about the organs and their functions in human body.


The workshops are a good means to give children an understanding of what biobanks and pathologies are, how they are embedded in health care and research and why they are important.



Pictures by Med Uni Graz:

Impressions from the Children's University workshop "Ran an die Mikroskope" held by Dr. Franz Gollowitsch, Iris Kufferath, and Mag. (FH) Cornelia Stumptner (Institute of Pathology,



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