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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mag. Georg Göbel coordinates the establishment of Biobank Innsbruck and is researcher at the Medical University Innsbruck, one of the consortium partners. The mathematician works with statistical methods on the identification of biomarkers for various diseases.


While colleagues examine samples under the microscope, Georg Göbel tries to model the data, such as the number and distribution of certain proteins. This way a large number of tissue samples can be compared and correlations with disease processes can be evaluated, so that potential biomarkers can be identified for certain diseases.


For his work and the work of many other researchers high quality of biological samples is essential. Therefore, sample collection processing and storage according to international quality standards is an important topic at Biobank Innsbruck. Within, Georg Göbel leads the work package "Sample Management" which aims at harmonizing sample management based on international standards among the various biobanks.


Biobank Innsbruck has about 50 high-quality collections of different human samples, for example, a collection of urology samples, of breast cancer samples or collections of a variety of sectional images from computed tomography and MRT.

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