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Austrian Biobanks & Sample Collections

BBMRI.at partner biobanks harbour over 20 million biosamples with associated structured data. Aim is to give researchers access to the samples, data, biobanking research infrastructure, and the biobanking expertise and services. 


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(contact person: Cornelia Stumptner, BBMRI.at)


We will reach out to all our Austrian partner biobanks for you.

BBMRI.at biobank partners are: Biobank Graz (Med Uni Graz), MedUni Wien Biobank (Med Uni Vienna), Biobank Innsbruck (Med Uni Innsbruck) and the VetBioBank (Univ of Vet Med).




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Instructions for BBMRI ERIC Directory & Negotiator:

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Biobank forms to be filled in (Biobank Graz).


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